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Spice up your (Audio) life

We’ve focussed on things a budding audio journalist needs, but there are always things a budding audio journalist definitely does not need in any way.

Why bother with below-par laptop speakers when you can get a kick out of these utterly bizarre excerpts from the Book of Mental? Thanks to PC Mag, here are some of the weirdest speakers on the market:

Care for some Rave with your audio? The internal tube light on these 2W speakers flashes in red, green or blue.

Mental Rating: 2/5 (due to usefulness at house parties)

More info here

It’s USB powered and designed for fragrances. No, really. Plug it in an set your senses alight.

Mental Rating: 5/5 (buy some Oust)

More info here











Ever wanted your speakers to contain ice cold beer? WELL NOW THEY CAN. Enjoy the sounds of the summer while you snake an ice-cold brewski.

Mental Rating: 1/5 (because it’s a great idea)

More info here

…And they did. Yep. Who needs headphones when you can have sound emanating from your undergarments?

Mental Rating: 5/5 (what’s wrong with earphones?!)

More info here



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Ten tips for recording audio

Ten things to think about before you record any audio and whilst the recording is going on. These also apply when recording video footage where you will use the audio..

1. Brief your interviewees so they know what to expect

2. Choose your location carefully: background noises can ruin your interview

3. BUT  can also get across a particular place if done right so experiment

4. Record any interesting sounds that you might use later to switch between interviewees/ show that time has moved on

5. With intros and voiceovers (which can be recorded later) make sure you set the scene


7. Get used to not interrupting – this is harder than it sounds

8. Don’t try to trick the listener with subtle editing. There’s nothing wrong with a few ‘um’s from your interviewee. If they are listening to your clip on headphones, they’re more likely to hear if you’ve edited the audio.

9. Get an external mic/spoffle to reduce the ‘pop’ of talking

10. A digital dictaphone is best, but if you’re stuck with nothing else your smartphone will probably do.

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