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Briton in Libya – BBC Radio 4’s Today online audio clips

British Libyan ‘willing to die for country’s freedom’

The above link is to the Today programme page on the BBC website. It’s categorised as news and available to listen to via one click from the Watch/Listen section on the News homepage – so you don’t have to type in Radio 4, Today programme to get to this audio package.

Even though it’s radio, I think this 6 min or so clip is a really good example to aim for. There is a one-line summary with more details below the clip – using the well known name Lord Goldsmith to entice users to press play.

Within the clip itself, there is a clear introduction to the current situation in Libya and the first interviewee, Rashed, a Briton fighting for the rebels, which ends in a question. Then the interviewee goes straight into answering this question. There is background noise of men talking which gives the clip a sense of place without making the answer difficult to hear.

The next voice we hear is the journalist Kevin Connolly in Libya asking – “do your Mum and Dad know you are here?” This provides a good soundbite – “I’ve come here for Libya.” There are some pauses in Rashed’s answers but Connolly never speaks over him. The interviewee Rashed, does start to interrupt him on some more controversial questions such as – “But defending yourself might mean you have to kill someone?” Connolly finishes his sentences but then gives way to his interviewee.

They wrap the interviewee up on a soundbite too: “we see nothing but victory” which the presenter neatly repeats to segue into his next section on the government. He again asks an open question (of himself, for the listeners to think about). He then introduces the second interviewee, Lord Goldsmith, who is in the Westminster studio.

The questions and answers now are much longer and much more complex than the simple, one-idea questions asked of Rashed. As with most political interviews, there is more interrupting which listeners will be used to. The clip ends on one of Lord Goldsmith’s answers.



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