Spice up your (Audio) life

We’ve focussed on things a budding audio journalist needs, but there are always things a budding audio journalist definitely does not need in any way.

Why bother with below-par laptop speakers when you can get a kick out of these utterly bizarre excerpts from the Book of Mental? Thanks to PC Mag, here are some of the weirdest speakers on the market:

Care for some Rave with your audio? The internal tube light on these 2W speakers flashes in red, green or blue.

Mental Rating: 2/5 (due to usefulness at house parties)

More info here

It’s USB powered and designed for fragrances. No, really. Plug it in an set your senses alight.

Mental Rating: 5/5 (buy some Oust)

More info here











Ever wanted your speakers to contain ice cold beer? WELL NOW THEY CAN. Enjoy the sounds of the summer while you snake an ice-cold brewski.

Mental Rating: 1/5 (because it’s a great idea)

More info here

…And they did. Yep. Who needs headphones when you can have sound emanating from your undergarments?

Mental Rating: 5/5 (what’s wrong with earphones?!)

More info here



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