Light Bedtime Reading

Well, maybe not light. Or for bedtime. But it certainly involves reading.

“How has this got anything to do with audio journalism?!” I hear you wonder. Well, everything actually considering it’s Sound Reporting: The NPR Guide to Audio Journalism and Production by Jonathan Kern.

This is essential for anyone wanting to pursue the grassy field/knoll of audio journalism. NPR, aka National Public Radio, is an American online service dedicated to podcasts, audio clips and online radio stations across the US bringing up to date news, culture and style to the masses. Jonathan Kern, who trained with the NPR on-air staff for years and this book has been described by the Library Journal as “bringing sound reporting to life,” while top Californian audio academic Judy Muller says: “there is no other how-to manual to compare.”


Not only does Kern go into podcast creation, storytelling through the art of slideshows and general radio production- he also traverses the more technical audio ground. Ensuring the clips you get are top quality. Editing them to a professional standard. The nuts and bolts of the different stages in audio production.

A must for anyone interested in the sound industry.

(Buy it on Amazon here)


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