Gay Pride at Barranquila Carnival – Audio Slideshow

I’m really interested in how audio slideshows can be used to tell stories. Today I came across this one which  discusses the experiences of the LGBT community at the Barranquila Carnival in Colombia.

The audio describes how the festival is important for the LGBT community as a way to express themselves and their sexuality openly, in a society that is largely unaccepting of them.

What really struck me was the fantastic choice of images used. Bright and colourful, they capture the  festival’s spirit perfectly. This combined with the narrative and faint music  means you can really imagine you are there, which I think makes for a more interesting and engaging experience.

In an audio slideshow it’s key to get the photos right as much as, if not more than, the audio. Many of the photos in this piece show or imply a movement – dancers captured mid step, people in the middle of pulling faces or confetti frozen as it falls through the air. These hints towards movement help to carry the piece along while pausing on each image allows you to take in the audio and the framed moment simultaneously.

I found the images from 2:05 which focus in on two gay men who dress as ‘negritas’ captivating. The men wear black masks with decorations and black lycra costumes as they are not comfortable revealing their identities during the parade.

The photos range from informal shots of the men getting dressed to more stylized close ups of the striking masks. The contrast between the shots of the intimate,casual moments and the more exuberant ones when they are masked backs up and reinforces what is being said on the audio.

This piece has inspired me to try and capture a few shots of my own as being handy with a camera will be a great skill to have when creating audio slideshows in the future.

I’m keen to try and capture movement in them and will post up my attempts once I have had a go.

Heads up they probably won’t be as good as the ones on this audio slideshow but I’ll do my best. Any hints and tips appreciated.




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4 responses to “Gay Pride at Barranquila Carnival – Audio Slideshow

  1. I saw this slideshow this morning and instantly loved it – the colours, the sounds it’s just fantastic. Shows what power an audio slideshow has to offer. The more I’m seeing, the more I really rate them as a medium for online journalism

  2. Lex

    Maybe the one thing BBC news still does well! Favourite recent one is this guardian Wellcome Trust piece. Incredible pics.

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