Back To Basics

In an industry hurtling toward new developments and different, faster, ways  of relaying information, it’s refreshing to stumble upon a more traditional, though no less effective, use of the audio slideshow.

In conjunction with the Rediscovering African Geographies exhibition at the Royal Geographical Society, African-born Cliff Pereira and Zagba Oyortey look at ancient maps of Africa’s ever-changing continent.

A video would probably have to contain reconstructions  to hold the viewer’s attention, there being not much footage from 1375. Pure audio would be impossible, as the interest lies in the images of the map just as much as the narration. Images without the commentary, however, would also be meaningless for the same reason.

No. It’s simple, old fashioned story telling best presented in audio slideshow format.

I mean, we are obviously biased, but still…


Have a look here


Rediscovering African Geographies is at the Royal Geographical Society in London between 22 March – 28 April 2011.



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2 responses to “Back To Basics

  1. Fantastic – and I am saying that because I imagined the procedure of chatting and interviewing would lead to such a brilliant format. My brother in Toronto who admits to a short attention span loved it. My friend in Portugal who only speaks a little bit of English thought is was clear and easy to comprehand. Well done.

  2. It’s great to see strong examples of what the audio slideshow can do! We’re obviously big slideshow fans, and we loved Mapping Africa. Nice one!

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