7 blogs you should check out

Online journalism is all about interaction and that goes for learning about audio too. Here’s my pick of my seven favourite blogs which I’ve looked at while learning about audio journalism so far. Some don’t focus entirely on audio journalism but all have audio aspects.

One for every day of the week (in no particular order):

1. Mastering Multimedia

Who? Colin Mulvany. A multimedia producer at  The Spokesman Review in Spokane, Washington. An experienced still photographer for the first 18 years of his career who movedinto making videos and audio slideshows in 2005.

Good for? Audio slideshow tips.

2. Scobleizer

Who? Ex-Microsoft whizz Robert Scoble who blogs about ‘world-changing technology.’

Good for? Hot-off-the-press news about all online technology including  audio-specific technology.

3. Online Journalism Blog

Who? Paul Bradshaw (and contributors). Bradshaw is described by The Press Gazette as “One of the UK’s most influential journalism bloggers”. Leads the online journalism module at City University London. Blogs about everything online from social media to podcasting.

Good for? Plenty of posts cover aspects of audio journalism: comments, tips and theory.

4. Dan Mason

Who? Dan Mason. Consultant, editor and trainer for the Thomson Foundation with over 25 years’ experience as a journalist and editor.

Good for? Podcasting tips, hints about free tools for multimedia journalists.

5. 10,000 Words

Who? Various contributors, ‘where journalism and technology meet’.

Good for? Multimedia news and technology – regularly updated. Search for articles on podcasts and audio slideshows to see audio-specific posts.

6. Sounds like journalism

Who? Journalism students exploring audio journalism.

Good for? Learning from others’ audio experiences, practical hints and tips.

7. BBC Podcasts

Who? The Beeb

Good for? A huge range of podcasts, informative, funny, serious – great for getting some inspiration for your own podcasts.

If you have any other recommendations for blogs which have great pieces about audio, tutorials or just great examples of audio being used in journalism let me know.



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