Get Your Podcasts Out

It’s time to sort the aural wheat from the chaff. In the words of The Guardian’s Stuart Heritage, who was nice enough to chat to us: “Finding a podcast that I like tends to involve wading through about a million hopeless, boring, crappy ones first.”

Very true, Stu.

Thankfully there are a few sites you can check to make sure you cut right to the good stuff without all the, you know, other stuff. The less good stuff.

First up we have the iTunes podcast chartlist which should be your first port of call for a topping ‘cast. All the genres, all the forms, this combines every podcast into one easy to read table. Perfect.

Want to see if your favourite comedian’s recorded a podcast? Check out the British Comedy Podcast Guide for a taster of what’s to come- they’re set to launch a full blown directory in early 2011. Which means any time soon…

While you’re waiting for the funny stuff, you might want to educate yourself on the tube. Whether you’re interested in grassroot politics, english literature or brushing up on your languages, The Podcasts for Educators, Schools and Colleges will be right up your alley.

FT columnist, author and presenter of Radio 4’s “More or Less” Tim Harford has recently sorted through shedloads of Economic podcasts on his brilliant blog. He’s done the legwork here so you don’t have to.

You can thank us later…



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2 responses to “Get Your Podcasts Out

  1. We love podcasts – but don’t you think infographics are better? Come and see for yourself over at

    • Ianthe Butt

      We love a good podcast here at audio HQ but also think infographics are a great way to display info in interesting ways. We’ve added you to our blogroll so our readers can check out your inforgraphics exploration. Be sure to add us to yours too!

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