An All-American Audio Slideshow: How to make Mississippi Mud Pie

Just to confirm what your probably already knew, making a cake is a lot more fun than making an audio slideshow.

Having said this, wanting to experiment with the latter was a good excuse to eat the former. So I decided, as a change from the usual written form of blogging on my pudding blog Just Desserts, I would document the making of my Mississippi Mud Pie with photographs, and add narration on how I concocted my pie.

I’ve been musing for a while on what kind of subject matter best lends itself to an audio slideshow. One of it’s most effective uses I feel is to explain something. I watched a nice slideshow on the Guardian website a while ago, on the Hubble space telescope. Now I’m no astronomy nut, and usually find any kind of contemplation of space either quite tedious and inaccessible, or so overwhelming that I’ll ruminate on my own insignificance for hours. This audio slideshow is really nicely done though and uses the medium to explain things in a wonderfully simple, accessible way.

I realise pudding is quite a different topic to space exploration, but the same principle applies I feel. Any kind of cooking is always really tricky without pictures and I deliberately avoid certain recipes and cookery books on this basis. Having a picture or online tutorial to hand is really helpful for those “should my mixture be resembling vomit at this stage?”, and “what the hell is a double boiler technique?!” moments.

And let’s be honest, looking at lots of pictures of puddings and chocolatey goo is a lot more fun than just reading about them…Now try not to dribble on your computers…



Not only was making the pie a lot more fun, but it was also a lot easier than making an audio slideshow.

I’ve realised that it could have all been a lot easier though had I known just a few key things about using Windows Movie Maker.

The main one was not to  move computers (or shut down your computer and have a break) halfway through making your project as you have to import all of your pictures into the programme again and this for some reason caused havoc with a couple of pictures that I’d rotated. It’s also really annoying to have to click on every single picture and get the computer to relocate the file. So it really is best to do it all in one go and then Capture Video to turn it into a finished product. I didn’t realise this was even the final stage and so also couldn’t work out how to get the damn thing uploaded onto YouTube.

Because it took me so long to redo my slideshow, some of the timings weren’t quite as sharp as I’d have liked them. Windows Movie Maker is really easy to get it right with though. All you have to is drag the pictures to the length of time you want them to be showing for, then re-listen to that section to make sure you’ve got the timing just right.

Once you have captured your project, YouTube recognises the file type and the jobs a goodun. All you have to do is paste your YouTube link into your blog and Blog’s Your Uncle!





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