Hello, Audacity

I keep hearing about Audacity so I thought I’d put up some links as a quick introduction for any audio-fans who, like me, have never used it. As ever, if you have any tips to help with future experiments in audio editing let us know.

Audacity is a free audio recorder and editor – find the site here and download the software for free. For audio journalists the most useful tools on Audacity are that you can: record live audio, edit MP3 files, cut and copy sounds, fade the volume up or down and remove static/hiss/hum and other background noises. It runs on Mac OS X, Window and GNU/Linux.

Audacity is opensource – their latest version is 1.3.12 and they also have a Wiki page where users can post and read tutorials, tips and troubleshooting help. These include everything from How to set up an ad hoc recording studio to  Making Ringtones. Also highlighted is the very thorough The Audacity To Podcast– a regular audio podcast about audio podcasting (with a focus on using Audacity).

I don’t think we’re quite up to removing noise and recording more than one podcast host so let’s take a step back.

After my success being talked through making an audio slideshow on iMovie by a kind American on YouTube, I thought I’d find a simple and straightforward tutorial for Audacity. The most obvious starting point would be to make podcast-grade audio material so here’s six minutes on how to do just that.


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  1. Good preview of Audacity! Thanks for the mention of my podcast, The Audacity to Podcast, too!

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