New Wave Arts Plug-In Released

You may notice that a lot of the easy to use, audio apps and voice recording programmes are, well, a bit crap. Here’s one of the more serious new releases on the market. Today, Wave Arts released Dialog which  has caught the attention of the industry. Described by Wave Arts as: “[combining] in one plug-in all the processing needed to clean up, adjust, and sweeten recordings of the spoken voice,” this is quite an eagerly anticipated bit of kit. Check out Pro Tools for Media for an overview of its best features. Or you could probably just Google it, but we like the way Pro Tools rolls.

Anyway, back to Dialog.

Ideal for professional audio journalism, two notable (and GREAT) features are the de-plode and de-ess processes which adjust plosive and sibilant sounds. Basically, it saves you a lot of pain and effort having to reinterview people who insist on spitting into the mic or exploding your eardrum everytime they say the word “people”. Yes we’ve all been there.

The moment the reviews start hitting the net, we’ll let you know. Considering it’s still quite a new product, and retailing at $249.95, it might take a few days for the industry to give it a proper listen.

Stay tuned….


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