Roving/Mobile Journo

The iPhone app Cinch from seems like the perfect answer to recording audio on the go. Compatible with the iPad, iPhone and iPod touch it allows you to upload audio, archive your work and broadcast what you’ve done across social media platforms. Quite snazzy. If you’ve installed the blog widget on your iPad/iPhone/iPod touch your audio will also be automatically published on that too, which is always nice.

The only problem is, predictably, the quality. For quick snippets of audio to stick up on your blog, or in times of desperation when the dictaphone runs out, all five of your biros have broken and you’ve accidentally eaten your notepad, it’s a good time to crack out the Cinch. For more serious audio journalism pursuits, such as audio slideshows or four-hour podcasts, this is probably not the best option. Equally, it’s a bit pointless if you haven’t jumped on the apple train and laden yourself with iProducts.

In saying that, it’s still a handy little tool to have in your audio arsenal…


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