In love with Jordan: Audio Slideshow meets Travel Journalism

Inspired by fellow audio journalism blogger and as a travel enthusiast myself I decided to make an audio slideshow about a lovely eco-lodge I stayed at in Jordan a couple of months ago.

Check out my first attempt at an audio slideshow here… Hope you enjoy it and let me know what you think.

Originally written as an online piece for Daisy Green Magazine I had some challenges trying to fit the audio with the photos. I didn’t have photos to fit all of the exact experiences I was describing, such as of the delicious food.

In a written piece it’s not necessary to have a picture for everything described as only a couple make it into the piece. I felt that  some images which I did not have, like pictures of the food I was eating, would really have helped to enhance the audio. Taking the right photos would be something I will definitely consider in the future for future audio slideshows.

I’m not sure how well the piece comes off as a piece of travel journalism/review so let me know what you think. Any comments, hints, tips or general feedback much appreciated.

I recorded the audio on my Olympus VN-7800 PC dictaphone and used Windows Movie Maker Live to slot the audio and pictures together which was surprisingly easy to use.

By Ianthe Butt

©For all photos Ianthe Butt/used with permission from Feynan Eco Lodge/Jordanian Tourism Board



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2 responses to “In love with Jordan: Audio Slideshow meets Travel Journalism

  1. William

    Hi miss Ianthe,

    I enjoyed listening to your audioblog regarding the Fenyan Eco Lodge in Jordan. You have quite soft, pleasant sounding voice which is clear and easy to understand. However, it might be worth trying to control your breathing just a little bit more as there were one or two moments of breathing caught on tape, and one or two words on which you got caught. In saying that though the overall fluidity of the piece was quite well done and the tone, which you carried throughout the audio, was spot on and added to the sense of mystery and intrigue of a Jordanian hide-away retreat.

    The description was very well done and indeed i could picture the subjects as you spoke about them. However I understand why you mention the need for more photos, particularly regarding the food. For the audiovisual purpose an extra photo in that section of the commentary displaying the sumptuous dishes you describe as being on offer would, in my opinion, really bring that fact home. It does feel like it is lacking but as they say hindsight is 20/20 an you will know better in future!

    But all in all a pleasant piece that has definitely caused my interest in Jordan to be piqued- now i just need the deniros to go visit it!

  2. Ianthe Butt

    Thanks so much for all the feedback – will take it on board for next time.

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