Aural pleasure? Valentine’s Day Vox Pops

It’s that time of year again  red roses, declarations of love, flowers and all that jazz. Whether you love or hate Valentine’s Day it’s hard to ignore. Every paper you pick up has picks of the best gifts for him and her: everything from sexy lingerie to exceptionally tacky soft toys.

Personally I’m just about ready to punch any PR’s that send any more emails lauding the wonders of Valentine’s Day into my inbox and am amazed at how every year it seems to get even more commercial. What happened to just an old fashioned ‘I love you’?

As part of my mission to embrace audio journalism I decided to vox pop three other girls to see what they thought of Valentine’s Day.

Click here to listen to my first go at a vox pops audio clip, which can be a useful tool to run alongside a story:

I recorded the clips on my dictaphone, an Olympus VN 7800PC before uploading them onto my computer.

I then downloaded free program Audacity – being short on time I only learnt how to import the audio sounds, insert them to flow on from one another and delete the parts I did not want to include. On a couple of them I also moved the speech around to help the pieces make more sense. In Charlotte’s vox pop she did not explain that Ping Pong was a restaurant till later on the in audio so I cut this out and moved it to earlier on so it made more sense.

As it was my first go I have not tried anything too ambitious, instead keeping it short and sweet, but look out for further posts as I explore with making audio, sadly I don’t think I can classify this as a podcast yet…

Have you got any Audacity tips/good websites  with user guides for me to check out? Do let me know, I need all the help I can get!

by Ianthe Butt



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3 responses to “Aural pleasure? Valentine’s Day Vox Pops

  1. There’s a couple of Audacity tutorials on this website by Mindy McAdams: Happy editing!

  2. Ianthe Butt

    Belated: thanks so much for sending the link, a useful resource.

  3. I’m doing a multimedia module and have to produce a vox pop, so this was useful- thanks!

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